Since 1995, Helicopter Express has been on the front lines of providing the very best in aviation missions, often flying directly into the face of impossible situations, where human hands can’t reach.

Dedicated Pilots

Our seasoned pilots are industry trained professionals who work with clients to perform missions safely and effectively.

Professional Staff

Our staff features dedicated, experienced, and factory-trained technicians who maximize safety and efficiency.

Vast possibilities

Our clients have ever-changing needs. We do what other companies can’t do with an extensive geographical reach.

Scott Runyan
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Helicopter Express was started by president Scott Runyan, with a vision of building a versatile helicopter services company. Scott understood from the outset that in order to offer a broad range of helicopter services to an extensive geographical region, Helicopter Express would need to be a flexible organization that could adapt easily to ever-changing client needs. By putting the very best helicopter personnel and aviation equipment in place, Scott has been able to lead HX to respond to those needs safely and successfully since 1995. Every day, he guides the company to its present position by focusing on the client’s ever-changing needs, as well as emphasizing the consistent growth of the HX fleet, maintaining the highest level of safety, employing talented staff who embody integrity and passion for their work, and assuring that HX always delivers the more reliable, superior service on every mission. Read Our History: An Image of Success for more information.
Scotty Runyan
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One could say that Scotty grew up on helicopters. The business has always been part of his life, but he officially joined the Helicopter Express team in 2004 as the Ground Support Manager.  His experience responding to equipment service requests, repairing and overhauling ground support equipment, performing troubleshooting of ground support equipment, and maintaining equipment in a safe condition made him an invaluable HX team member and a natural candidate to play a role in part of the managerial team. As Special Projects Manager, Scotty now provides critical support to vital elements of the business and to our missions. He offers outstanding direction and casts vision for HX’s continual future success. Watching his father’s drive and entrepreneurial success has helped shape Scotty into the leader he is today. He has a passion for the missions performed through HX and a business mindset that always keeps the human factor of our work in perspective. 
Richie Kittrell
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In 2003, Richie joined Helicopter Express after serving as a line pilot and chief pilot for other operations. He has vast experience in assuming responsible for ensuring flights are conducted safely and according to federal regulations. Richie is a key member of the senior management team at HX, where he uses his expertise in scheduling and maintaining flight records and managing the day-to-day operation of HX. He specializes in helicopter and personnel management with a focus on exceptionally high safety, security and quality standards. Richie designs and implements business strategies, plans, and procedures, while also establishing policies that promote the HX culture and vision. His overall goal is to secure the functionality of the HX business and to drive the company toward extensive and sustainable growth.

Gary Dalton
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Gary joined Helicopter Express in 2011 after 20 years of owning and operating his own helicopter charter company. He has a vast and varied background that includes firefighting, motion picture/television work, visual power line and LIDAR survey, along with general utility work throughout the United States. In his current role, Gary is an ambitious and energetic leader at HX, as he seeks to meet our clients’ needs and expand our clientele. He serves at the front of the company and has the tireless dedication to creating and applying effective strategies that help us meet our goals.  He is the perfect person to forge strong relationships with our clients.
Julie Jones
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Julie began her career at Helicopter Express in 2004. She has 10 years of accounting experience and worked five years as a controller. HX relies on Julie as our senior executive with the responsibility of our financial affairs.  She also manages daily administrative operations. Julie keeps things in order and adds a strategic vision to everyday activities. We rely on her administration efficiency, as she collaborates with the HX team to implement policies and develop improvements. One thing that sets her apart is that she is able to project the long-term financial picture of the company and allows the company to thrive based on her financial analyses.
Jon Bourke
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We are grateful that Jon joined Helicopter Express in 1998 and became our chief pilot in 1999. His aviation experience is expansive, as he has served as Chief Pilot (Parts 135/133/137), Company Instructor, and Check Airman for three different companies, in addition to owning his own helicopter company. Jon has worked as a pilot throughout Europe, the Caribbean, and North, Central, and South America. He has been carded for interagency operations since 1991 and has extensive experience flying on USFS, USFWS, NPS, BIA , BLM and DOD contracts. Jon has also written for various online aviation magazines.  Take a moment to read his article Taming the Squirrel.
Pete Morris
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In 2004, Helicopter Express promoted Pete to Director of Maintenance after he served as a chief inspector for several years. He has a diverse aviation background with 41 years of industry experience with 39 years as an aircraft maintenance technician who holds his Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). As an A&P technician, Pete is an expert in aircraft inspections.  Additionally, he performs, supervises and conducts preventive maintenance. Safety is of utmost importance to Pete and he works hard to ensure that every job is completed with the highest level of integrity. Pete oversees the HX maintenance staff, which is composed of dedicated, experienced and factory trained technicians. Thanks to Pete, our clients can depend on Helicopter Express to meet all of their needs safely, quickly and to their satisfaction.
Eddie Morris
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Eddie joined Helicopter Express in 2013 to assist us with, among other things, the advancement and implementation of our Safety Management System (SMS). He coordinates and oversees safety and quality in all aspects of our aviation operations. Likewise, Eddie demonstrates an excellent safety record and follows regulatory practices, ensuring effective safety reporting.  Eddie models the HX culture that fosters safety practices through effective leadership.  He doesn’t settle for the status quo but is always investigating opportunities to increase our efficiencies and improve the quality of our safety processes. Eddie recently retired from the U.S. Forest Service after 35 years of federal service in Aviation and Fire Management.
Danny Hoss
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Danny joined Helicopter Express in 2007, assisting in coordinating and maintaining our ground operations. He diligently worked his way into his position while simultaneously attending flight school. He is now responsible for our fleet of over 70 vehicles. His role not only includes the vehicles but also encompasses managing their operators and maintaining development and quality control of our evolving ground fleet. Danny provides prompt response to equipment service requests, repairing and overhauling ground support equipment, performing troubleshooting of ground support equipment, and maintaining all of our equipment in a safe condition. He takes his role of performing preventative and routine maintenance servicing very seriously. As a result, HX is able to maintain the highest level of safety and operational conditions.